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Rhetoric Tricks of Style: How to Incorporate Rhetorical Questions into your Writing so You Sound Like a Pro

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Let’s face it: some people’s writing just sounds better than others. How do they do it, you might wonder. Were they just born that way? Answer: no. The truth is, good writers learned to become good writers by being good readers. And if we teach kids how to read like writers, we can also teach them the “tricks” to being a good writer. These activities and lessons provide scaffolded strategies for teaching students to use the power of metacogntion to pick out the techniques writers use. Using guided practice, students will then try out the techniques themselves. These lessons are short and focused but will give huge pay-off overtime, ultimately improving students’ writing style and reading skills in every successive assignment. Keywords:rhetoric, tricks of style, rhetorical questions, models, speeches, Barack Obama, writing, essay, argumentation, analysis, revision, editing, metacogntion
Type of Material: Activity, Assignments, Lesson Plan
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