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What is CoreStand?
The nation’s premiere teacher-driven platform devoted to best practice, collaboration, and professional dialogue.


Virtual Learning Communities (VLCs)

Virtual Learning Communities (VLCs) are collaborative groups that power curricular conversations to extend beyond the school day.
Teachers, create an account and participate in CoreStand-led VLCs today. It's free! Administrators, enroll your school or district in the School Share network and give your staff the ability to create and lead custom VLCs.
Virtual Learning Communities (VLCs)

School Share: Empowering Teachers

Collaborate with other educators across school, district, and even state lines in a platform devoted to best practice. Access, share, and differentiate lessons, units, and activities for your unique student population. Showcase your best work with a Professional Portfolio.
Empowering Teachers

School Share: Empowering Schools

Extend and enrich collaboration on school and district goals beyond the school day. Increase curricular transparency for all stakeholders and empower your staff to tap into the collective expertise of educators everywhere.

Free Accounts

Learn about the Common Core State Standards in an engaging and hands-on way with free e-books and video tutorials. Browse our catalog of best practice lessons, units, and materials aligned to the CCSS. Showcase your talents with a Professional Portfolio.

Free Accounts